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Webinar Recording: July 2024 USPS Postage Increase & How to Save With Promotions and Incentives

May 2, 2024

If you couldn’t attend our webinar on April 23, 2024, we’ve got you covered with the session […]

Lane Press Announces Partnership Enabling Greater Postage Savings


Lane Press has announced that it has partnered with Enru Logistics and Postal Optimization to provide its customers with […]

Print & Probability

Using print strategically to increase the odds of reader engagement.

By Jeff Joseph

Print serves as an essential component of the Luckbox magazine […]

5 Tactics to Trim Your Magazine Printing Costs Now

By Betsy Robertson
National Account Executive/Lane Press
Recently, I received an urgent email from a university communications director and her colleague […]

How to Reinvent a Magazine

Starting with a clean slate, without a lot of money, and without going crazy.

By Chris Horn
Director, University Writers Group/University […]

10 Do’s and Don’ts for Managing Cash Flow

By Bill Gentes
Former Vice President and Chief Financial Officer/Lane Press
For most publishers, cash flow is more important than even […]

Focus Your Features With a Creative Brief

By Betsy Robertson
National Account Executive/Lane Press
One of the most confounding yet ultimately rewarding aspects of creating a magazine is […]

Three Ways to Use Your Alumni Magazine to Woo Young Grads

By Betsy Robertson
National Account Executive/Lane Press
Despite higher education’s current obsession with electronic communication, recent college graduates are still avid […]

From Spray & Pray to Educate & Engage: How One Association Transformed Its Ad Sales Program (and Results) Using Content Marketing

By Beth Renaud
Marketing Manager/Lane Press
You’ve heard a lot about content marketing—the practice of producing helpful rather than promotional content […]

To Perfect Bind or Saddle Stitch, That is the Question

By Peter Joslin
Finishing & Distribution Manager/Lane Press
Should we perfect bind or saddle stitch our book?

I hear this question […]